Leeds Gig Fan Used His Tracker App to Catch Serial Phone Thief

An O2 Academy gig fan from Leeds managed to bust a mobile phone thief when he used his mobile phone tracker app.


Two weeks ago (10 April) Nathan Dalton went to the Parkway Drive Concert. After he discovered his phone had gone missing, he had the intuition to use the 'Find My iPhone' app.


These app's work by using the phone's GPS position, they can also pick-up location from other sources like Wi-Fi, GSM etc.

Pic: picture of stolen phones captured


Unlucky for the phone thief, they must not of been the brightest spark as the phone was still active for use with the 'Find My Phone' app. If the phone was off, it would be unlikely to work at all.


As if things couldn't get worse for the thief, after the police were informed of the phones location it led them to a stash of over 20 other mobile phone. All of which had been taken at the O2 gig. Police are now trying to return the handsets to their original owners.


Police have arrested a 25 year old man from Essex and was detained in custody.


Mobile phone tracking applications have become a popular way to find missing phones, its also not the first time they have caught out a phone thief either. More reports are emerging, as people are getting wiser and using phone tracking app's. In addition to the standard iPhone tracking app, there are a bunch of new ones appearing on the market (many free). Some of these include a lot more features compared to the standard one.


Original story: http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/video-leeds-trio-use-phone-tracker-app-to-find-haul-of-20-mobiles-after-theft-at-gig-1-8488236



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