Toshikatsu Group has provided the clients with an effective way to trade US listed options

Toshikatsu Group making advancement in its electronic trading strategies has come up with an offer that no client can refuse. Now, the company offers the clients a more effective way to trade EU listed options providing a flexible space. With the likes of companys Options Smart Order Routing Technology, the clients can enjoy the new algorithmic trading strategy along with its new stealth options and automated delta hedging tool. 
Generally, the Options Smart Order Routing Technology (OSORT) functions in such a way that it route orders to multiple options market centers under the influence of numerous factors like available liquidity, price, execution quality, and speed. 
When it comes to the exchange directed order type, two new order types have been offered by Toshikatsu Group  to help the client maintain the secrecy while negotiating in the marketplace. On the other hand, based on the clients specified limits, Options Smart Order Routing Technology searches the liquidity whereas; the stealth reserve order displays the portion of the clients order at a given price and at the same time keeping a reminder of the order. The clients can use stealth hidden order for searching the liquidity by keeping themselves anonymous at the same time. Furthermore, with the likes of TWAP options algorithm, the clients, for a given time-period can spread out their options executions.  
More from the company, the clients wanting to expand their options trading capabilities, they have developed an automated delta hedging tool which benefits with automated delta adjusted limit price updates, volatile trading capabilities, and conditional orders based on liquidity thresholds & price stops and automated cash hedge execution and calculation.
The company is possessed with advanced execution management systems and electronic options trading strategies to route their EU listed options orders. 
About Toshikatsu Group  
When it comes to offering financial services, Toshikatsu Group  has always emerged as one of the leading global marketer offering the customers with a wide range of financial solutions. They are looking for new ways to provide their client's more efficient means, and with the introduction of advanced electronic options strategies, they have managed to gather the attention of the masses. They provide flexible services, and they are willing to bend the rules in order to cater the clients needs. They have started off by updating their existing trading tools.   


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