Pensioners’ state pension is set to rise by 2.5% in April 2017

The new system was introduced in April 2016 and will affect those who are on the current new flat rate pension.

The new system was introduced on April 6th 2016, and in order to qualify, at least 10 years of National Insurance contributions are needed by the time the state pension age is reached.

The amount that the individual receives will depend on the number of years the individual has been paying in National Insurance contributions, but the pension can pay weekly amounts of up to £155.65.

From April 6th, pensioners on the current new flat rate pension will see their weekly payments increase to £159.55 (from £155.65 currently), whilst the old state pension will rise to £122.30 from £119.30.

This change in legislation means that pensioners will be more than £200 better off a year, with their total annual income boosted from £8,093.80 to £8,296.60.

Sell Pension have credited The Mirror for publishing an article about the change in state pension,  and are confident that pensioners will understand the new changes.

Aaron Jones of Sell Pension says: “This will have a great impact on pensioners because it’s a much simpler and fairer system.

“Pensioners will now have a clearer idea about what the state will provide, making it easier to plan their retirement savings.”

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