Online Research Project seeks to protect Uniquely 'Human' Qualities from AI

CAMBRIDGE, UK August 26, 2017 What will happen to emotion, art, humor, inspiration, culture, philosophy, and spirituality when Humans and Artificial Intelligences merge around the year 2030, during the series of events researchers at Google and elsewhere call the Singularity?


  That is one ofthe questions addressed by the Human Research Project (, a worldwide online series of experiments currently being conducted by researchers and students from Cambridge, Berkeley, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale. One answer, according to HRP Community Directors Anna Chu Lin and Wolfram Ruisdael, is intense cultivation, through the groups interactive 3D Mind Mapping using Thortspace, of uniquely human qualities like Awe, Humor, and Inspiration, that are rarely addressed in discussions of current AI technology.We find that every human alive today is the inheritor of certain archetypes which help to form our individual psyches, and the ways we feel and emote in the worldsay Lin and Ruisdael.  These include the Hero, the Philosopher, the Humanitarian, the General, the Lover,the Experimenter, and many others. Each of these is hard to replicate with current AI technology.


Whats exciting is that using modern technological tools, including 3D mind mapping, crowdsourced research, Swarm intelligence, and AI, we as individuals can actually further the inexorable journeys through human history of these public selves.Not only does this prepare us for the Singularity, because it helps to preserve the best of Homo Sapiens wisdom and culture, but it benefits us RIGHT NOW,since taking advantage of our inherent connections to these archetypes provides a series of incredible real-time experiences, which you can enjoy alone or share with others.



Participants in the study begin by creating their own planet on the 3D Mind Mapping platform, which, as the name suggests, is an Earth-like simulated 3D globe traveling through Space amongst other similar bodies.On each planet, experimenters place continents, which are the particular universal Archetypes they find through self-examination.They then undertake projects to optimize the performance and well-being of each self.For the Humanitarian, this might mean locating small social enterprises in Africa and building their web presence. For the Humor Self, this can be done through joining and leading online Laughter yoga groups. For the Philosopher, it consists of joining live video chat groups discussing the nature of the Good, the Beautiful, and the Wise. Each project is designed not only to preserve and refine the best cultural artifacts from past and existing human culture, but to build and improve new ones.


 Through adept use of this technology, says HRP Futurist Savannah Partridge, We have the capacity to be perpetually curious and inspired,and constantly awe-struck and in love with the world we are creating. Andthese attitudes lead inevitably to more creativity and innovation.

For more information contact Wolfram Ruisdael ofHRP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (626) 538-5545.



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