Earn a degree in End Times Prophecy! Only through Luder Wycliffe Theological Seminary

You could search the world over but you will not find another seminary that offers degree programs in Eschatology...better known as End Times Studies. You will only find it at Luder Wycliffe Theological Seminary.

The brain child of Dr. Jack Nelson, the need and want of such a degree has been recognized and then formulated into one of the world's most exciting new programs of study. The course work targets every major and minor view in an unbiased way so that every student regardless of their current position will learn the full picture as never before.

Unlike other schools where they teach a particular bias, LWTS proves to be more analytical and balanced so that deep unhindered learning can take place without a biased professor constantly pressuring a student into their own way of thinking.

The syllabus for the Eschatology programs cover every major angle of the subject. A partial list of the included courses are: Biblical Eschatology, Comparative Eschatology, Eschatological Hermeneutics, Prophetic Literature, Literary Eschatology, OT Typology, Historical Eschatology and much more. The course work also includes a 7,000 word thesis for the Master level and 15,000 for the Doctoral level.

The Eschatology Degree will profit the student in many ways, which include pastoral preaching, scholarly writing on the subject, competence in eschatological apologetics, teaching eschatology at a graduate level and more.

"Having a degree in eschatology has been long overdue, and I'm surprised no other school has ever thought of it. The appetite and need for this subject is there, so therefore must be the demand." said Jack Nelson, D. Min., president and founder

To know more, please visit: www.luderwycliffe.com   

Contact person:  Dr. Jack Nelson
Luder-Wycliffe Theological Seminary
P.O. Box 495
Endicott, NY 13760


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