Paid Dating App - First of a Kind Paid Dating APP

Niqauo is Proud to Present " " A Naughty Dating App. 
Here is a dating app that doesnt waste your time. On the contrary, allows you the unique opportunity to put a price tag on the hours you spend with someone. The concept of paid dating

may not be new, but Datebid is the first of its kind being introduced in the UK market.


The app was created by Aarien  and Nikita longtime friends and tennis partners, while they were brainstorming ideas in West London. Datebid captures the essence of your standard dating app platform: matching based on preferences and thorough search filters, the option to Show Interest to someone you fancy via a personal message, and the end goal of meeting in person. What separates Datebid from other platforms is that it enables users to Value their date activities,

and (theoretically) be compensated for the very service of going on a date.


Date bid is the first of its kind being introduced in the UK market.


The app functions easily enough, once you grasp the concept of valuing the various Date Activities and bidding. After registering with the app, users can get the ball rolling by creating a Bid Proposal Form. 

This allows them to specify and describe a particular date that they would like to go on, and how much they are willing to pay or in the womans case, receive, for their services.

This is where it gets tricky. When it comes to the physical exchange of money, Datebid politely steps out at that point and the expectation is that users will follow through on their own time.


The idea of paid dating is not for everyone, but the straightforward approach is refreshing, and the app is especially geared towards independent and opportunistic women. As a female user, you are in control. You have the power to set a price that works for you, and filter through the app to find a suitable date.


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